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Eggleston, a classically trained cellist, fell in love with string-band music, he created a place in it for his instrument where none had existed. Except for two tracks there are no chording instruments like guitars on the disc, forcing Crooked Still and guest fiddler Casey Driessen to build harmonies from single-note lines like a chamber group. ODonovan said, explaining that he can make the cello sound like a rhythm instrument: a snare drum, a rhythm guitar or a bass.

When they performed at a Baltimore street festival in August, the lineup was fairly traditional: a banjoist, Leonard Podolak; a fiddler, Tania Elizabeth; and an acoustic guitarist, Jordan McConnell. But out front was a lead singer without an instrument, Jessee Havey, with a dyed-platinum crew cut, a loud green-and-purple dress over black bicycle pants, and a left arm covered in tattoos.

To stage left was Scott Senior, a bald man with heavy-framed glasses and a whistle around his neck, sitting atop a hollow wooden box called the Peruvian cajon, which he slapped to create a rippling beat. Senior argued. Elizabeth said the band draws from fiddle traditions in its native Canada.

No music in North America is free of that black influence. In Baltimore, Mr. Ungar said. On the other hand, counters Mr. Sitting in the sunlit lobby of the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, beneath a giant piano-keyboard sculpture, the great-nephew tells a story about the time the Mammals shared a workshop stage with the Ramblers at the Vancouver Folk Festival. Instead of fighting our way of doing things, he got into it. It was such a great moment, it almost made me cry. Tell us what you think.

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Rhiannon Giddens and What Folk Music Means

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Sign In Sign Out. We reserve the right to remove any content at any time from this Community, including without limitation if it violates the Community Standards. Gillian November 21, pm. This is terrible! In we first saw them open up for Joe Buck and their set completely blew our doors off. It was one of the jumping points for us to get totally immersed in this genre. It sucks they have to break up, but I thank them for all that they gave. John November 21, pm.

Wow,what sucks most about this,is that I never got to see them live.

I know that is kinda selfish,but I really was hoping to see em at least once. On a positive note it does make me want to shake off my being a puss and not checking out bands when I get the chance. Jonny November 21, pm. Shit news. Certainly one of the bands that really got me into this music. I can only look forward to hearing their solo stuff.

A New Wave of Musicians Updates That Old-Time Sound

Vandy November 21, pm. Rich1 November 21, pm.

I read somewhere that they were close to finishing an album to release this fall. Might this still happen…or is this now shelved? This is crushing news—the end of another great band. I wish I had seen them when they were in San Diego last summer. Lunchbox November 21, pm.

Who Performed at the First Woodstock Music Festival? - Biography

You should really check out their music Lunchbox. Sama November 21, pm. I love their albums though. This is likely due to the fact that I live close to Milwaukee, and only have seen them play there. I have seen them a hand full of times. The first time was strickly to see them play.

The rest of the times it has been to see opening acts.

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In Milwaukee their crowd tends to be a bunch of college kids wearing flannel shirts they got at the GAP, and boots they got to wear to the Jason Alden show last year. While not everyone in the crowd is that way, but a lot are. The guys in band are great. I have talked to all of them a couple of times. Hell, I got to talk to Joe last year at a Jayke Orvis show. But, the crowds in Milwaukee at a.

I will be there on Friday though. But, it is sad to see them go. Seeing a band in their hometown can sometimes can leave one with a skewed perspective. The energy, and a lot of times the music and set list can be totally different than a road show.

I do pay attention to what type of people are at a show, but that is not going to effect my experience usually…. Bay View November 22, am. I think we must have went to different shows. It was pretty hippie dippieish. Sama November 22, pm. Bay View November 23, pm. The bigger the venue, the more mixed the crowd will be I think. I was at the last show at Turner February maybe? The popularity thing is always a double edged sword in regards to what type of crowd comes out to the shows.

The roots musician is inspired by the evolving legacy of the black string band.

That goes for every band. Aran November 21, pm. I am sad to hear this. Many folks have already said it, but. And Billy Cook is a great guy and an amazing picker; I was excited to hear the new songs. JonnyBoy23 November 21, pm. Martin Luther Presley November 22, am. Denise November 22, am.

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  • My friend and I were about the only two there to hear these guys play and their talent was amazing to me. I had never heard live music like that before and it was, and is, hard to put into words how it made me feel at the time. I pray these guys find happiness as we are put here on earth to find our way. I know Joe is speaking from his heart as I feel it from his statement.