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Special Notes Due to his condition, Albus is a hospice foster and is not available for adoption. Moses PH Alfred Moses earned his wings May 28, when an undetected brain tumor suddenly blew up, and he was released from pain. He was a sweet and gentle pugman who loved to sing "the song of his people" whenever the mood struck…which was sometimes the middle of the night.

I miss my morning serenades. Special Notes Due to his being bonded to Albus, Alfred is also a hospice foster and is not available for adoption.

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Allie is a fawn female. She is about 6 years old. She comes to us from a local shelter. She is heartworm negative.

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Sweet little Allie is deaf and blind so she will need a home that is a safe environment. She is currently suffering from demodectic mange but she is on medication that will clear that shortly.

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She has not yet been spayed but will be prior to placement. From Allie's foster: I've had Allie for a month now and she blossoms a little more every day. Contrary to what we initially believed she is not deaf, in fact I think she has fairly good hearing. She's like a child, she has selective hearing. I can be trying to find her and she acts like she can't hear me call her but you just let me open a bag of chips and she goes bonkers when she hears the bag crackle, that is definitely not deaf. She has started responding on a more consistent basis to her name being called.

I believe the combination of a new name, the blindness and a new environment confused her. Allie is an angel with a capital A! She loves to be held and will lay in my lap as long as I will sit still. She also likes to roam around the house, she is learning where things are and she seems to be enjoying herself. I was quite surprised to discover that she is housetrained. I put her out with the other guys and she does her business.

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I do have to go outside to bring her in most of the time, when I call her she can't seem to locate where my voice is coming from. But this is a vast improvement from a month ago, she use to just sit in the corner of the yard and wait for me to find her. She will actually come to the door if she's close enough to find it now. Allie is also beautiful, she has such an expressive face and will just stare at me with her big brown eyes like she is really seeing me when I talk to her.

Her ears will be perked up and she will cock her head from side to side. Allie deserves to have someone love her and give her the attention that she deserves. She really isn't a demanding little lady, she just wants to be loved. Please consider taking Allie into your heart and family, you will be forever grateful that she came into your life. Allison and Ashley were puppies from Addison's litter. They were both born very small and failed to thrive.

Both passed peacefully and are now together forever. Anela came to PugHearts from a local shelter. She was in renal failure and shock due to extreme dehydration. We did all we could, but she did not make it. Anela crossed the Rainbow Bridge when her body could no longer take it. She was with us for only a short time, but will be loved forever. Angel is a precious 10 yr old female. She came to PugHearts in terrible condition. She has a broken back, broken and dislocated hip, broken pelvis, untreated severe dry eye and severe heartworm positive with a heart murmur. The only healing we could provide her was to allow her to cross the Rainbow bridge with love and dignity.

Angel is a 12 year old female. She is very vision impaired and deaf. She is looking for someone to love her forever and let her be a princess. From Angel's foster: Angel is a sweet, loving senior pug. Angel prefers to hang out with docile, laid back, submissive dogs that are more the speed of a blind and deaf senior lady.

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Angel thrives on getting "loved on". She adores attention and cuddle time. Angelina is a fawn female. From Angelina's foster: Angelina is one sweet little girl. She hasn't received much care in her past life but that has all changed now. She is being treated for her demodex mange and is showing signs of new hair growth.

She has a face any pug would envy, she's really a beauty! She also has exceptional eyes. She is quite playful, she loves to play tug o' war and play with the stuffed toys or they were stuffed until someone found the stuffing and pulled it all out : She is quite a good cuddler also. She will play for awhile and then all of a sudden I'll notice that I have one more pug on my lap snoring.

Her house habits are exceptionally good for someone of her age, in fact she is an all round well behaved little girl.

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She has a very high pitched speaking voice so we're working on not using it as much, but that's about the only thing that needs improvement with Angelina. I believe that if she has a choice she would like to have a furry brother or sister, but would do well as an only pet if she received enough exercise. She is friendly to everyone and I think would do well with children, she isn't overly aggressive with her play habits and I don't think she would knock them over by jumping on them when playing. Angelina will be a very welcome addition to almost any active home.

Angus is a black male. He comes to us from a local shelter. We believe he is about 10 years old.

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He is heartworm negative but suffers from severe dry eye. He also has arthritic hips. He has been neutered, microchipped and brought current on his vaccinations. From Angus' foster: Meet Angus! Angus is a sweet 10 year old pug man. We aren't too sure what Angus' life was like before coming to us, but he's learning his way around his new foster life. He can't hear or see too much, but it doesn't slow his curious nature down. He has learned his way around our home and has his favorite spots to nap.

He does well with other dogs, in fact he usually finds one to snuggle up with. Angus needs the perfect home where he can enjoy his days being loved for the wonderful puggy he is! Annabelle is a is a 10 year old, spayed, heart worm negative girl. Annabelle is a very sweet pug. She is blind, and will need a family that can help her navigate their house and love her. She wears a halo to help her navigate her surroundings. Annabelle also walks with a slight limp from an old injury where the head of her femur was removed.

Annabelle gets along great with other dogs and does well in a crate. She loves to be cuddled, and will cuddle people or dogs. She has the softest coat. Annabelle just wants some silly people to love. She left us after a battle with oral cancer that was not able to be controlled any longer. Sleep well, sweet angel. Arlo is a black male. He is 8 years old. He is heartworm negative, neutered and current on his vaccinations.