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Important Quotations Explained

Love the dissection of the prose here — I also hate one-sentence paragraphs, especially if the sentences are short I can imagine forgivable ones produced from very lengthy sentences! Great close reading Elle and an interesting new series. Look forward to seeing what else your Mama said!

I think I read one of these a long time ago, but never felt moved to read any more — so a bit average presumably. There are plenty of other likeable things about Gamache and his team.

Sing 'Cause Yo Mama Said

Very interesting, and an excellent close reading of a representative passage. I see you started with 5; I was advised to jump to 3 or further as the first two are a little shaky. Will you read more from the series? I may try another novel earlier or later in the series, to see if the things that I noticed both good and less so are endemic to the series or are more of a thing just in this one novel.

Floyd Mayweather To 50 Cent: Baby Mama "Said You Got Herpes"

My mum really does like them and I wonder if, in a different mood, they might be a perfect choice. This series gets high praise on quite a few blogs and podcasts I follow, and I was thinking of reading them in order before I go to Montreal and Quebec in September.

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I will start at the very beginning a la the Sound of Music song — but you can be sure I will be looking out for all of the tics now! There are absolutely loads of them, so good luck! I think I may try another one, for the reasons I mentioned to Rebecca, above — the things I noticed may register differently in a different novel.

My Mama Said, #1: The Brutal Telling, by Louise Penny – Elle Thinks

Great review! It strikes me that there is probably a lot of cultural influence behind her work.

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Thank you! That Catholic influence makes a lot of sense. The last book my mom made me read was Nora Roberts… but she acknowledged it was bad!

I found the writing sloppy and too simplistic. I love the idea that loving Louise Penny is part of being a Good Canadian!


In fairness, she does kind of make me want to visit rural Quebec; it sounds idyllic minus the murders. You said why times better. Google Nest Contact us. Introducing Nest thermostats Get started Explore features and settings Fix a problem Warranty and manual. Introducing Nest cameras and doorbells Get started Explore features and settings Fix a problem Warranty and manual. Welcome to your new home for help, the Google Nest Help Center. Ask your Assistant to remember things Get a little help remembering things.

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