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I need it to be vibrant, and rhythm is essential to understand. Senses too. It seems that with me words pass through the body more than they do through the brain. I am also very intuitive, almost like a will to go blindly, without knowing. I like beyond measure writing about emotions, in an almost wild way. They end up boring me, because I can find no echo in them, and a world without echo is bound to be a little artificial. How much is writing important for you? What place does it have in your life? This desire to write comes from my reading.

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As a child, I read everything and anything. All that mattered was for the words to fill me, to console me, to give a shape to the world.

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Between nine and eleven years old, I went from the Gospels to Bob Morane. And then, in my teenage years, it was Victor Hugo and rather quickly the Russian shock: Dostoevsky. These major books get under your skin and built a vision of the world.

In my path as an author, On The Run is for me a turning point. It gives the feeling that I unlocked something and that I can access another fluidity. As soon as I can, I will dive into the next one.

Cavale: Ihesean Ibili (Rouge) (French Edition) by Coudron, Frdric | eBay

Two ordinary families at the start of the new school year. Two families where everyone hides and silences problems so as not to worry others. Established in London, at the bottom of a derelict dead-end, Frank is not a record store owner like the others. In this vinyl shop, a beautiful team of merry misfits, all a little damaged by A new romantic 2. Paris, Paul had only known one and the same horizon: the high walls of the orphanage, an austere building in the working class Parisian suburbs. But then one day he is taken in by a joyful Samuel is celebrating his thirty-fifth birthday, alone along with his empty plates.

Depression is setting in. He grabs his phone but soon realizes he has no one to talk to. Suddenly a number pops The unforgettable novel of those we love but let go For twenty years, their paths were separated. It only took a letter from Queenie, announcing her imminent death, for Harold Fry to decide to A witty feminist fable that examines the thrills and pitfalls of beauty from the perspective of two polar opposites: Barb, an Lisa and Arthur can only see each other one time per year. He spends his life looking for her… … she spends hers waiting. Lisa dreams of becoming an actress.

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  5. She works in a bar in Manhattan to She meets Salim, a His world turns upside down when the carefree Irakli arrives and becomes both his strongest rival and desire. Amador is a notorious Galician arsonist who has been accused of causing a new fire.

    Lois, a young firefighter, explores the depths of a forest on fire. Their destinies are linked by the power of a mysterious fire.

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    Viridiana, a young nun about to take her final vows, pays a visit to her widowed uncle at the request of her Mother Superior. A fiction-film told through a female documentarian's lens, as she manipulates the story of an unemployed Polish actress living in London. The lives of two men, an Irish war journalist and an American living in Ireland intertwine in an unusual tale of enlightenment and redemption. Katy, a teenager, is force interned in a psychiatric facility after her mother died.

    She is a room with Nabila and Carole, two other teens with different problems than Katy. Since the beginning, as she got interned against her will Katy struggle to accept any help from the professionals and only have one thing in her mind: escape her "prision" and find her daddy. As she easy, runs from the psychiatric clinic, Nabila and Carole got away too. So now the three girls have to find a way to go from France to Belgium and find Katy's father. But they don't know what the journey has prepares for them. Start your free trial. Learn more More Like This. Gott existiert, ihr Name ist Petrunya Martin Eden Certificate: Not Rated Drama Romance.

    Against all expectations, her roommates Nabila and Carole, crazy and weird in equal measures, invite themselves to her improvised escape. But nothing will happen as planned…. On her path, she meets two other lonely girls, Nabila and Carole, just as lost as she is. All three will rely on one another, but what kind of support can they really hope for from such unsteady reinforcements?

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    In her first two films, Virginie Gourmel was interested in monsters whose deformity was visible: a vampire and a deer-man, characters on the margins, different, damaged by life. And the girls wonder about their mental health.

    Once the hospital walls behind them, the film turns into a road movie. A real initiatory journey for Kathy, Nabila and Carole.